Drawing of a woman with curly hair

Drawing Classes

Everyone can learn to draw realistically. There is no special talent you need for that. In our art school we teach how to learn drawing and painting effectively.

Portrait of a young woman

Painting Classes

A painting shouldn't be an overwhelming project. We are focused short alla prima portraits, so you have a quick learning progress.

Student in the atelier drawing
Intro Class

Regular painting and drawing classes

The Freehand Art School offers you different ways to learn painting and drawing.

  • Fundamentals with handouts, small objects and simple step-by-step assignments. All courses take place at the same time. You choose flexibly what you want to learn.
  • Intermediate students work mainly from models. Focussed on portrait or figure.
  • Workshops: If you don't have time during the week. There are compact and focused workshops at weekends.

Advantages of the Freehand Art School


Specialising in drawing and painting realistic portraits and figures. And classes in small groups.


Special drawing benches and easels that enable professional and comfortable work.


No commitment to fixed classes. You take your courses flexibly according to your interests.


Advanced students regularly paint and draw from well-lit models with us.

Charcoal drawing of a man with short hair
Charcoal drawing

Learning to draw and paint effectively

Regular practice is the key to learning a new skill. At the Freehand Art School, you don't work for weeks on a single painting, but complete many small paintings with changing tasks. Without fear that you might ruin a great long-term painting while practising. In this way, you can keep practising new techniques and learn effectively from your mistakes.

For this purpose, we offer you several opportunities per week to paint and draw with us.

Student drawing a cube

What you learn in our art school

We offer drawing and painting classes with a focus on realistic drawing and painting. Our courses are not tied to a one or two year course of study. We offer you effective drawing and painting training. You can take everything individually, as it suits your interests and learning goals. Our course instructors give regular demos and are always present to help you with your assignments.

Everyone is welcome at the Freehand Art School. No matter if you are advanced or inexperienced. We are happy to advise you and tell you which course is best for you.

Students in art school drawing from the life model
Portrait session

Life Drawing from the model

We place a high value on working from the life model. That's why we have regular life drawing sessions. Everyone is welcome, you can practice what you learned in our classes or just get some affordable model time. Draw on a newsprint pad, from the couch in your sketchbook or on your iPad – Draw like you want!

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