Life Drawing Session

For all those who would like to draw nudes without lessons, we offer free portrait or nude drawing from the model at our art school in Cologne Ehrenfeld. You do not have to participate in our courses. Everyone can participate.
If you would still like feedback, you can participate in our life drawing as part of our intermediate classes.

Mondays: Figure from 18:00 to 21:00
Wednesdays: Portrait from 18:00 to 21:00

You will get

  • Drawing chairs for comfortable drawing
  • Drawing boards are available, please bring your own drawing materials.
  • Portrait or figure
  • Cosy music, a sofa and sometimes a dog.
  • At 18:00 the model is ready
  • You are welcome to come a few minutes earlier to prepare your material.

Please always sign up in advance in the dates list.

One session 15 € in cash.
(students 12 €)

10 Session Ticket for 130 €.
(students 100 €)

  • Life drawing of man leaning against the atelier wall
  • Life drawings of a female model
  • Man posing in art school for a portrait drawing
  • Charcoal life drawing of a man
  • Sitting man drawn with charcoal pencils
  • Standing man drawn in charcoal
  • Lying man drawn in charcoal
  • A stage and drawing horses at an art school
  • quick sketch figure drawing of a man
  • Life drawings of naked woman sitting
  • Two quick sketches of a woman
  • Quick life drawing of a sitting man
  • Charcoal sketch of a young man
  • Quick life drawing sketches
  • layin drawing of a sitting woman
  • Layin of figurative drawing
  • 10 minute drawing of the female figure
  • Nude drawing of a woman's