Art supply recommendations for our art classes

Here you will find the materials we recommend for our drawing and painting classes. If you have any questions about materials, feel free to ask in the atelier.

Download the lists as PDF.

Drawing with charcoal
Oil Painting

Box with Charcoal pencils

Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal pencils

  • Conté Pierre Noire 1710 in B (boesner or Jackson*)
  • or Wolff’s Carbon Charcoal in 4B or 6B (Jasckon*)
  • or Pitt Pastel 122-199 black (boesner)
  • or Stabilo Carbothello Pastellpencil 750 neutral black (boesner)

Newsprint Pad 18“ x 24“ ( ca. A2)

Box cutter

  • or better single edged razor blades (

Kneaded eraser

  • e.g. Faber-Castell, only the gray. (Jackson* or boesner)
    And do not buy the boesner store brand.


  • Drawing board. 5mm MDF cut to 47cm x 63cm. Ca. 3€ (Hardware store)
  • Two clamps to hold the paper (boesner or office supply store)
  • Sanding pad or sanding paper, 180 (boesner or hardware store)
  • Poster roll to transport paper and drawings (

Pencils and paper should the exact ones given. All other items are just examples.

Oil painting brushes

Oil Painting

Various sizes with long handle. Very small brushes are not needed

  • A few simple bristle brushes (boesner)
  • A set of flat or filbert synthetic oil brushes (boesner)
  • Do not buy the cheapest brushes. But you also do not fancy and expensive brushes.


  • Canvas pad, very convenient (Jackson* or boesner)
  • Or Panels or Simple gessoed MDF plates. Not larger than A4

Medium / Thinner

  • Ideally Gamblin Gamsol (Jackson*)
  • Or Schmincke Diluent N (boesner)
  • If you do not want to use thinner, you can use linseed oil. Dries much slower. (Jackson* or boesner)

Container for the thinner

  • Metal brush washer (Jackson* do not buy the big 700 ml version at boesner)
  • Or any other container that has a lid and won’t be attacked by the thinner. Can be small.

Paints e.g. Winsor & Newton Artists, Schmincke Norma or Rembrandt

  • The minimum to start: Burnt Umber and Titanium White (Jackson* or boesner)
  • Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre light, Cadmium Yellow, Ivory Black, Alizarin Crimson


  • Any Palette is ok. Wooden, Paper pad or a glass in a tupper ware.

Rags or paper towels

  • Some lint free rags or paper towels.
  • Some q-tips.


  • A painting knife to mix colors
  • A hob scraper, if you use a glass palette
  • Oil paint: Phtalo Blue
  • Safflower oil to clean your brushes
  • If you decide for a canvas pad as surface, you also need a small board and painters tape (5mm MDF 32x42cm).


Gerstaecker is also a good option to buy art supplies

*All Jackson links are affiliate links, support the atelier and you get a 10% discount on your first order.

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