Frequent Questions


Do you offer student discounts?

Currently we offer only a student discount for our life drawing sessions.

Why don't you offer a full year class?

We are focusses on art training to improve your drawing and painting techniques. Practice with a like minded community. Our classes are perfect as an addition your art or design studies.

Do you have a customer parking spot?

We do not have a parking sport. But you can find one in the backyard or on Oskar-Jäger-Straße.

Do you offer classes for children?

At the moment we only offer classes for adults and teenagers from 16 years old.

What are the opening hours of the atelier?

Only during the given times of the classes. We open 15 minutes before the class starts. Please make an appointment before you come the first time.

Drawing and painting classes

When can I start learning with you?

You can start at any time with the Fundamentals: Drawing or any other fundamental course. Just let us know in advance when you want to come.

How can I sign up for a class?

You can book a class online on this website. Just create an account then book the class or ticket just like on any other online shop.

<a href=""></a>What happens if I can't make it or if I'm on vacation?

With a session ticket, it will only be stamped when you attend.
With a monthly subscription, you can make up for missed sessions in the following week if there is still availability.

What exactly is a class?

Either flexible with a 5/10 session ticket or as a workshop. Our classes are not time or content bound. They are rather an overview of our teaching content.

Was passiert wenn ich mal nicht kann oder im Urlaub bin?

Mit einer Zeitkarte wird nur abgestempelt, wenn du auch erscheinst.
Bei einem Monatsabo kannst du verpasste Einheiten in der Folgewoche nachholen, sofern noch Platz zur verfügung steht.

Do you provide the art supplies for the classes?

In general we do not provide any materials. But you will get a list with recommendations.

Our intro drawing class is an exception. We will provide you with some materials during the first session so you have an easy start.
Also subscribers can use our newsprint paper and charcoal pencils.

Why are all classes with charcoal?

We focus on charcoal because it is great medium to draw fast and versatile. And it's very close to painting.

Can I use Acrylics or Watercolor in your painting classes?

The principles and methods we teach are not bound to a specific medium. In general our painting classes are created for oil paints, but you can also use slow drying acrylics like Golden Open.
We do not recommend to use watercolors because their technique is too unique.

Can I use graphite in your drawing classes?

We will offer graphite in other classes. In our core classes you should draw with charcoal pencils, so you can work the same way as the teachers do. During our open classes or life drawing sessions you use any material you like of course.

Can I store my art supplies at the atelier?

Yes, for the time you are signed up for a class you can store your supplies at our atelier. Please take your paintings home as soon as they dried, so you free up space for other paintings to dry.

Do I have to use up my 10/5 ticket on consecutive dates?

No you can come flexibly to appointments and can also skip times. Our classes are structured, but you work at your own pace.

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