Drawing & Painting Classes

In our classes we teach beginners and advanced artists the fundamentals, but we also offer a place for everyone else to practice and improve their art. All classes can be combined and use the same principles.

In our 6 week classes, all participants work together and focus on the same exercise. This creates a motivating group dynamic so that everyone can learn more effectively - and receive sufficient feedback.

At the open drawing & painting sessions, the feedback is somewhat shorter, since everyone works on their own topic. In return, you work at your own pace, have more time and can come to class flexibly.

If you are new to us, we recommend that you start with our Fundamentals: Drawing. This way we get to know each other and you are well prepared for our other drawing and painting courses.

Open Workshops

At the open workshop you can learn at flexible time with us. With a ticket you can learn the same content as from our fundamental classes. Or draw and paint on your own artworks – without a given subject, but with our help and feedback.

Class details

  • All sessions are 3 hours
  • No subscriptions or membership
  • After a class you can just book again or buy a new ticket


  • Focus on one topic for all students
  • Classes are 6 weeks with a given date
  • Max 10 students
  • You get 15 € discount if you take 2 classes in the same term and 30 € for three classes.
  • More feedback and instructor demos

Open Drawing & Painting and Fundamentals Drawing

  • Visit with a 10/5 session ticket
  • Start at any time
  • No fixed time frames and sessions
  • Less feedback, but more flexibility for you

Private drawing and painting lessons available upon request.