Everyone can learn to draw realistically. There is no special talent you need for that. In our fundamental drawing class you will learn the basics of drawing.

Drawing of a woman with curly hair


A painting shouldn't be an overwhelming project. Even with just a few hours you can get impressive results. Our oil painting class can show you the fundamentals.

Study of a Zorn painting
Head construction with rhythms
Head construction

Realistic drawing.

With easy to learn methods like rhythm lines and comparative measurement you can create strong drawings. That can stand for their own or they could be a start for a long drawing.

Excellent for beginners.

If you just started drawing our Fundamental Charcoal Drawing Class is ideal for you. You will learn the basics you need to proceed with other classes or draw regular at life drawing sessions. During the class we will respond to your personal needs and adjust the assignments to your skill level.

Frazetta study
Master study

Portfolio creation

At our open workshop we can also help you to prepare your portfolio to apply for a creative university or "Ausbildung". We will show you basic techniques and help with setting up the artworks for your portfolio.

What you get.

We offer different drawing and painting classes. You won't be tied to a subscription or two year study plan. You can take classes individually to your liking and personal goals.
The instructors will regularly give demos and are always present to guide you.