Drawing with charcoal pencils

Price: €229.001 / €119.001
Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Duration: Ticket (4 months valid)
Start: Any time
Date: Mondays 18.30 - 21:30

The easy start of drawing with charcoal pencils. From sharpening your pencil to drawing from life – This will be a solid fundamental class for you.

This is our the introduction class where you will learn the basics for drawing but also for painting. How to see the form, abstract and bring it to paper. How to measure your subject or model, render your drawing and how to define edges. There is always an instructor present to help you. The assignments can be adapted to your skill level.

This class is not only beginners. We recommend to take it prior to all other classes we offer. Intermediate artists can learn a new technique, like tonal drawing, in this class. We recommend to take this class before our other classes. For a convenient start we will provide the materials for this class.

After you learned the fundamentals you are well prepared to take sub subsequent drawing or painting classes.

Group instructions will be in German. And your personal feedback in english.

What you learn

  • Material and basic drawing knowledge.
  • How to see shape and form.
  • Light and edges.
  • Using comparative measurement.
  • Draw a bust.
  • Preparation for our other classes.


For this class we will provide you the basic materials, so can have a easy start without thinking about material.

We will send you a detailed list of materials with buying options, in case you decide to buy your materials.

  • Drawing of a cube
  • Student learning the fundamentals of drawing
  • Drawing of a sphere
  • Drawing of Buddha bust

Any questions?

If your are not sure if "Fundamentals: Drawing" is the right class for you or if you have general questions about our drawing and painting classes, feel free to send us a message, we are happy to help you find the right class for you.