Open Drawing & Painting

At our Open Painting & Drawing you can work flexibly and freely on your works - with feedback, exercises and support from us.

If you prefer to learn without a set structure, our open painting and drawing is right for you. Here you have the opportunity to work on your own projects or your portfolio. The atmosphere is motivating and there is always an instructor present who can help you. We respond to your individual questions and goals. You can work freely, get assignments or just get feedback. We have plenty of books on anatomy, drawing, painting and more for you to enjoy learning.

What you get

  • Feedback and help on your own work
  • Painting and drawing in a group
  • Studio atmosphere
  • Drawing chairs and easels
  • You can use our books, busts and objects for learning

Costs and further details

With the 10 or 5 session ticket you can participate in ten/five 3-hour sessions. Also several times a week. The card is valid for 4 months.
We do not provide materials, bring what you would like to learn with.

Group instructions will be in German. And your personal feedback in English.

Portrait of a rhino in oil
Level All welcome
Scope 10 or 5 sessions, each 3 hours
Entry Any time
Price €180.00 / €320.00 1

You can use your ticket flexibly for all classes from our schedule and not only for Open Drawing and Painting. The ticket is valid for 3 months.

  • Frazetta study
  • Block in drawing of a head
  • Oil painting of a man
  • Study of female torso in grphite
  • Study of an Anders Zorn oil portrait
  • student drawing a portrait
  • Figure construction with rhythm lines
  • Portrait of a rhino in oil
  • Students working on their drawing in the atelier
  • Drawing of a cube
  • figurative life painting of a man
  • A stage and drawing horses at an art school
  • Busts at the atelier

Any questions?

If your are not sure if "Open Drawing and Painting" is the right Open for you or if you have general questions about our drawing and painting classes, feel free to send us a message, we are happy to help you find the right class for you. You can also check our FAQ.

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