Painting Classes at Freihand Art School

If you want to learn the art of painting, Freihand Art School is the right place for you. We offer painting classes for beginners as well as advanced students. In case you paint for the first time you will learn the fundamentals of painting and core techniques with simple to understand assignments. Advanced students will dive deeper in to technique and will paint from a life model.

We teach traditional oil techniques, but with modern methods. That way you can easily adapt your new skills to other mediums like acrylics gouache or digital. The principals and methods are always the same – the only difference lies in the technique of each medium.

As a start we recommend everyone to take our Fundamentals: Drawing class first. This drawing class will teach you the base for all other classes at our art school – also for painting. You cannot paint realistically without drawing!

Class details

  • All sessions are 3 hours
  • No subscriptions or membership
  • After a class you can just book again or buy a new ticket


  • Focus on one topic for all students
  • Classes are 6 weeks with a given date
  • Max 10 students
  • You get 15 € discount if you take 2 classes in the same term and 30 € for three classes.
  • More feedback and instructor demos

Open Drawing & Painting and Fundamentals Drawing

  • Visit with a 10/5 session ticket
  • Start at any time
  • No fixed time frames and sessions
  • Less feedback, but more flexibility for you

Private drawing and painting lessons available upon request.