With intuitive exercises you willl learn to paint realistic portraits.

Just like our other classes, you'll receive various assignments and references to learn portrait painting at your own pace. From simplified exercises to portraits from photos and models, we recommend the alla prima method, which not only produces impressive paintings on its own but also provides an excellent foundation for multilayered portraits. The instructor will constantly support you with your individual questions, problems, or provide assignments tailored to you.

This class is not suitable for complete beginners; you should already be proficient in drawing portraits. Ideally, you've taken our portrait drawing class first or concurrently. There, you learn the fundamentals of creating a portrait, regardless of whether you prefer drawing or painting later on. If you've never painted with oil colors or have just started, it's recommended to attend our painting fundamentals class first.

You can participate in this course using either oil or acrylic paints (e.g., Golden Open). However, we recommend oil paints for their flexibility compared to acrylics. If you prefer digital painting, feel free to join this painting course with your tablet.

What you learn

  • Reinforce painting skills.
  • Variety of life models.
  • Short and longer poses.
  • The model fees are included in the price

Materials for painting

The good thing is you don't need many expensive colors or big fancy canvases to start painting. We will send you a detailed list of materials with buying options.

  • 6-8 paints
  • A handful of brushes
  • Not more than 10 small painting surfaces
  • Painting medium with container and a rug

Group instructions will be in German. And your personal feedback in English.

Portrait of black woman painted with oil color

Portrait Painting from the life model

This course is part of our Painting and Drawing Program.
To participate, you can either book a session ticket or get a monthly subscription.

We are happy to provide guidance during a trial session.

  • monochrome painting of an asaro head
  • Monochrome blue skull study painted with oil
  • Buddha painted in oil
  • Study of an Anders Zorn oil portrait
  • Study of a Zorn painting
  • Portrait of black woman painted with oil color
  • Oil portrait of a young man
  • Portrait of a young woman
  • Oil portrait of a man
  • Portrait in oil and the model
  • Oil portrait of a young woman
  • Monochrome study of a skull
  • Portrait of a man with oil paints

Book a drawing or painting class

You don't have to book a fixed course or program with us. Instead, you learn flexibly according to your interests. You can book a trial session for €15 to get to know us. Schedule a session now.

  • Participation in all painting and drawing courses
  • Flexibility with agreed-upon sessions
  • All sessions are always 3 hours long
  • Small groups for personalized instruction
  • Ongoing classes. You can join at any time.

You can either get a monthly subscription or buy a session ticket.


If you want to learn focused and regularly, we recommend our monthly subscription.

  • Drawing paper and charcoal pencils included
  • More cost-effective than the 5-session and 10-session tickets
  • Access to our student Discord
  • Feedback, corrections via Discord
  • Missed sessions can be made up for in the following week
  • 1 Session (3h per week) €135.00 per month
  • 2 Sessions (6h per week) €260.00 per month
  • 2 Sessions (9h per week) €360.00 per month

Session Ticket

With a 5-session or 10-session ticket, you receive 15 or 30 hours of instruction, respectively. The ticket is also valid for out figure and portrait life drawing sessions.

  • Ideal if you don't have regular availability
  • You only pay when you attend
  • Access to our student Discord

The ticket is valid for 4 months.

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