Drawing Facial Features in Charcoal with Travis Wilson

In this workshop we will learn how to draw each feature of the head, along with techniques for drawing hair!

The process of learning to construct and render the various facial features in your drawings is integral to creating believable and inspiring portraits.

Although constructive drawing is the backbone of believable representational art, this will be a great class for those who want to develop proficiency in shading and rendering their drawings. Shading simpler forms such as the eyes or nose can help to introduce the underlying concepts behind making something look realistic.

This workshop will include a printed workbook which we will be drawing from (as well as a link to access a PDF version).

The last day of the workshop, we will have a 3 hour live model session to put all the pieces together. For those interested there will be an extra session after the model workshop that will go over stylization and invention of the head for comics, games and entertainment art.

I hope to see you in this workshop, Drawing Features in Charcoal!

– Travis


Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 17:00
Lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00


Each session will start with an instructor demonstration of 30 minutes. In the remaining time students will draw and Travis will provide individual trace-over corrections and critiques on student work.

Day 1:

  • Session 1: Introduction and Drawing the Eyes.
  • Session 2: Drawing the Nose.

Day 2:

  • Session 1: Drawing the Lips.
  • Session 2: Drawing the Ears.

Day 3:

  • Session 1: Drawing the Hair.
  • Session 2: Drawing a Portrait from the live model.
  • Extra Session (18:00-19:30): Learning to stylize and invent the
    portrait and features.


Demos and Instructor drawings will be done with the following materials:

  • Smooth newsprint paper, 18”x24”.
  • Drawing board, 18”x24”
  • Conte 1710b Charcoal Pencils
  • Wolff’s Carbon Charcoal Pencils (4b and 6b)
  • Kneaded Eraser

Students are welcome to use either charcoal or graphite with their preferred paper. If desired, even a sketchbook and pencils will work well. Note: Rough newsprint is not recommended.

Atelier note: See our materials list to find options where to buy smooth newsprint and Wolff's Carbon pencils.

Drawing Facial Features in Charcoal Travis Wilson

Level All welcome
Date August 16 – 18 2024
Price €330.00 1
Deposit €100.001
Available seats Sold Out!
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  • If you pay in full by April 1st you get a €20 discount and only have to pay €310!
  • The price includes tuition, VAT and model fees. Materials, accommodation and travels are not included.
  • Seats are limited. Please sign up early. We need 8 participants by the end of June, to bring Travis Wilson to Germany.
  • The workshop is in english.

About Travis Wilson

Travis Wilson is an instructor at Watts Atelier of the Arts in Encinitas, California. His journey studying art began in 2017, and for the past 7 years he has worked toward his goal of mastery in the field of representational art. Taking much inspiration from the Golden Age Illustrators like Rockwell, Cornwell and Leyendecker, Travis seeks to help others learn how to bridge the gap between academics and creativity. Currently he teaches life drawing and painting classes at Watts Atelier while continuing the pursuit for greater artistic knowledge alongside his students.

Website www.wattsatelier.com
Instagram @cheeky_monkey_travis

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