Draw expressive figures in charcoal with Zin Lim

Artist, Zin Lim will share his unique direction of figure drawing that is tactile and spiritual. This is intensive and fun class designed for any experienced level of artist-students. In this class students will create lots of drawings at the fun and intensive activities along with instructor and fellow students. After attending this course students will learn how to enjoy the fun process of drawing and creating awesome expressive figure in their own (unique) voice.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00
Lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30


Zin Lim will present multiple demonstrations and critiques for group as well as timely individual feedbacks.

    Day 1: Line

    • Line characteristics: How to use expressive lines efficiently.
    • Basic proportion: How to skip sight measuring during drawing.
    • Gesture drawing: How to capture essence of model’s pose quickly.

    Tag 2: Stroke

    • Shape/Value/Edge: How to create interesting visual elements and compose them for good looking figure drawing.

    Tag 3: Unique stylization

    • How to use artist’s personal character for creating unique style of figure drawing.


    In this workshop we will use different types of charcoal. After your registration we will provide a materials list.

    Zin Lim Figure Drawing 3

    Expressive Figure Drawing Zin Lim

    This workshop happend on 27.10.23
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 7
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 6
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 4
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 5
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 1
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 2
    • Zin Lim Figure Drawing 3
    Portrait of artist Zin Lim

    About Zin Lim

    12 year-experienced college teacher and enthusiastic professional who takes great pride in his ability to supervise students for their personal artistic advancement and success in the field of visual art. He has an intense knowledge of visual art analysis and is a good skill-delivery person who has international students’ long-term reputations. He is looking for more opportunities to meet artist-people in the world, and challenge his range of knowledge and experiences in his art journey.

    Website www.zinlim.com
    Instagram @zinlimart

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