Drawing Classes at Freihand Art School

The drawing classes at the Freihand Art School are suited for beginners as well as advanced students. Depending on your skill you will learn from photo references and handouts with easy to understand assignments. Advanced students will draw from the life model. We focus on drawing with charcoal pencils, they are perfect to draw quick and painterly drawings. Of course you can apply apply all the principles and methods to other mediums like graphite or ink.

A good start is our Fundamentals: Drawing class. Not only for beginners! You will learn the drawing fundamentals and our way of teaching. It's the base for all of our other classes for drawing and painting.

Book a drawing and painting class

You can participate in all courses flexibly with a 10 or 5 session ticket. To start we recommend to take out Fundamentals: Drawing Class first.


Participation in all basic courses. Flexible on agreed dates. The ticket is valid for 3 months


Participation in all advanced courses with model. Flexible after registration to dates.